Well Its late and I am still up.. Can't sleep.. I am so excited I got a cuttlebug today! Finally Hubby broke down and got it for me.. I'm so happy.. Maybe thats why I can't sleep. lol
Well today I was a busy girl.. I did a layout for a Contest that had to have Mother in the title and a few other things.. And I finished yet another Rolodex card. This one is themed Summer. I think its Cute! I am on the roll with these lil Rolos.. Ideas are coming to my head so I figured I had better not stop cause then my Brain will too.. I will post the pics of bought for you all to see. Then I am off to play with my new Toy!

This is the Rolodex card...Isn't it Too Cute!!
I love the lil pail...These are for a swap I am in
Gonna have to make a few more the Other players ..

Ok this is the Layout I told you about that I done for a contest.. It was fun to do. I did it on my Grandmother cause she Is Like my Second Mom. She has a heart of Gold. You all would love her to pieces..