What! Late for Chocolate?

Gosh I would never want to be late for Chocolate! Phew..
Well Mo Manning had a Freebie called (Late). It was a Adorable Little Bunny thinking he was late for Something and I turned it into something fun.
Lisa over from the Magnolia Group posted one of these trinket boxes and when I seen it I knew I had to Try it.
So heres what I did..

Inside the card I added a Cute lil Poem..                 I love the pleasure of chocolate
              As it melts upon my tongue
              It dribbles all through my mouth
             And squishes around my gums
             I close my eyes for a moment
            As my senses are quite aware
            Of the delicious wondrous flavor
            Of chocolate lingering there
            There are so many chocolate flavors
           The dark and the medium too
           White chocolate is truly scrumptious
           Just perfect, my friend, for you
           So whenever you need something sweet
           You must try this simple treasure
          Just pop a morsel into your mouth
          And enjoy some chocolate pleasure!
Here is the box with all 4 Drawers full of Chocolates. Great Easter Gift Box.. Well That's what I had in mind..lol
If you would like the tutorial hop on over to Kristens Blog for all the details..
I know I will be making this again..